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IndyPop Records is a label like like no other has been our home now for 5 beautiful years. If we welcome you in to chez IndyPop you do not just become an another artist on the books, but a member of our team with all the say in the world. We treat our artists as an integral part of the family and invest in every aspect of their career both on a professional and personal level.

We are truly passionate about the music we publish because our artists feel the same and would expect nothing less. Formed in 2016 the company has been able to take advantage of the shift toward digital music marketing and consumption, utilising new technologies as part of a strategic delivery solution. As a result the catalogue has flourished and been placed in a vast array of commercials, promotions and various other sync & licensing opportunities.

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We have partners in over 200 distribution outlets servicing all of the commercial retailers and more



Our artists are enabled with the complete suite of songwriting capabilities, from arranging, top-line melodies, lyric writing and much, much more



Our production suite is second to none with mixers, eqs and state of the art compressors to suit every sound and timbre



IndyPop partners with one of the best mastering houses in the business, Walter Coelho, an outfit that has mastered everyone from Daft Punk to Black Eyed Peas!



IndyPop boast two publishing houses whose remit is to diversify and pitch the catalogue into the many lucrative advertising and publishing opportunities.



With nearly 30,000 high profile sync placements to our name publishing is a core part of the business model

Music Sync

IndyPop has been lucky, talented and fortuitous enough to have tens of thousands of sync placements from major networks around the globe! Listed below is some of our better known clients.

each one has his own particular flavour and eclectic taste! be sure to sample them all in whatever setting you prefer!

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