IndyPop Records was created in 2016 by 3 like-minded, highly-motivated passionate individuals whose respective combined careers has covered the full scope of the music industry from songwriting, production, legalise, artwork through to the marketing, publishing & distribution of our products into the commercial market.

The Founders are all multi-instrumentalists, producers and musical entrepreneurs who needed the freedom to explore the industry at will with our own style of market entry and branding.

As the name IndyPop Records hints at, we positioned ourselves as an Independent Record Label providing products to service the popular music industry. A bold stance, but we are seeing time and time again artists rise to meteoric heights from the comfort of their own YouTube channel.

In fact, since out conception we have dome remarkably well with a combined asset portfolio of:

1000+ Catalogue of tracks
50+ Albums in market
50,000,000+ Worldwide Streams 10,000+ Sync Placements

We may be comparatively small but not being constrained by major label protocols has given us a distinct competitive edge. We have the knowledge, creativity, contacts and product, and are more importantly, are positioned to take advantage of the emerging digital landscape.

We hope you stick around and enjoy the show, have a great day and thanks for listening…

Pop Record Label Logo


Because we are utterly compelled to and feel with have little choice. It’s because we heart the scene you see. So very much!


Pop music, the really cool type. R&B, Soul, Electro, Funk and all the colours of the rainbow in-between.


From all around the world baby! Based in the heart of Lisboa but with ties that extend the globe and beyond.


God only knows!


Right here, right now!

love of music 100%

100% 100%

skills to pay bills 100%

100% 100%

modesty 2%

2% 2%