Born on the block of ice that sunk the Titanic, Riqo slid into the music industry with a series of slick, highly polished, stylized debut RnB singles. Drawing on his early influencers (Maxwell, The Weekend, D’Angelo & Benson) Riqo has managed to take this much loved genre and reinvigorate it with his own inflection.

As well as being a multi-instrumentalist he is producer of some notability, having had his music remixed by Bluey from Incognito and Soulpersona to name but two! He has also been seen working alongside many other famous artists on diverse productions, Mark Whitfield, Rui Da Silva as well as some hot new acts on the market!

He is rarely not working on music or practicing his guitar and at the moment he is host to an exciting collection of video interviews called “In the Pocket” in which he gets to interrogate some of his favourite commercial artists and producers! You can check them out here on the IndyPop Records YouTube channel!

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